Gift ideas for the ultimate jetsetter in the family

I sat down to compose my gift guide, for my Secret Santa party this year. My wishes are not your traditional list of gifts. I know there are many of you out there, that has that one family member, always travelling the globe, who doesn’t need or want too much stuff to tie them down. For some, the gift of travel if one of the best gifts they could ever receive. So if I could have any thing from Santa this year, it would be these great ideas.

1) Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Solar Kit
Designed to power all the gear in your kit, the Sherpa 100’s versatile array of ports include two ultra-fast, smart USBs for phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, an innovative port specifically for laptops, and a detachable AC inverter for DSLR cameras. The Sherpa 100 recharges from the wall, car, or from the sun with the included Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 solar panel.goal zero

2) Goal Zero Rock Out Speaker

Pair this with a set of their rock out speakers that are currently on sale for only $9.99 and you can rock out as well. Cool Gift for the Music Lover! Pump sound from your iPod, phone, laptop and other audio devices through the integrated, high-quality speakers. Rock Out can be used with any device that has an audio output. Since it is a self-powered speaker it runs for 20+ hours without draining your device. Daisy chain multiple Rock Outs together to get even louder!


3) The LifeStraw portable water filtration bottle

LifeStraw® Go incorporates award-winning LifeStraw® technology into a refillable water bottle so you can carry safe drinking water with you on the go. Simply scoop water from a river or pond, screw the lid on, and sip safe water through the mouthpiece. The water bottle design is ideal for hiking, backpacking, running, and other activities where you’re on the move and aren’t always near a water source.


4) The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

We all now how uncomfortable it is to sit on a long haul flight, and all of those neck pillows gimmicks, the blow up ones, the worthless ones given to you by the airline, or the standard neck ones, they all never quite work. Well I came across this one, and the reviews are great. People are saying it actually works. It’s a great price, and anything to make that flight more comfortable, I am all about. It also comes in a variety of great colors.

Evolution travel pillow

The patented Evolution Pillow is the first travel pillow that actually works!

Because of its portable compactibility, the Evolution Pillow can also be used for road trips, sunbathing by the pool or beach, outdoor camping, and travel in the car, bus, plane, or train. It only takes one time using it to understand why people are calling this the best neck pillow in the world.

5) IT Luggage World’s Lightest Suitcase

If you have ever felt one of these bags, you would be amazed by actually how light they really are. They come in great colors and sizes. With todays rising baggage costs, a lighter bag can save you a ton of money.

lightest luggage

The popular World’s Lightest® Premium quality luggage collection is fitted with 8 perfect glide wheels for superb movement.

They currently have some amazing prices on these at Ebags and they are even offering an additional 20% your entire purchase until 12/17/14 making some of these bags over 60% regular prices.

6) Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

This is definitely a savvy gift for those who are about to board the plane and are always unpacking at the last minute at the airport to get rid of excess weight. You won’t be going over the maximum baggage weight restrictions and don’t have to worry about excess baggage fees. On sale at

7) The Selfie Stick

These are all of the rage over here in Hawaii. I had never seen one before, until I saw all of the honeymooners from Korea and tourists from Japan taking pictures of themselves. I thought, what a genius contraption. This would be a great gift for the solo traveler or anyone for that matter.

Selfie Stick

There’s no need to trust a stranger with your camera or smartphone anymore. Now you can take great selfies and travel shots with the Telescoping Selfie Arm. This lightweight device holds any D-SLR camera, digital camera, action camera, video camera, GoPro, iPhone, Galaxy or other Android smartphone, so you can shoot amazing self-timer shots. It’s fully waterproof, with a quick-release camera mount, rubberized grip, wrist strap, carry bag and built-in mirror to help you compose the perfect shot. Extends up to 39″. Click the image on the right to order one for yourself.

8) An Airline Air Pass or the Gift of Miles

For the jetsetter, this would be the ultimate Christmas gift.  Primarily offered by national airlines and international airline alliances, air passes are special fare programs that allow you to fly to multiple cities in a designated region at discounted rates, creating your own personalized itinerary.

Who offers air passes?
Air passes are offered by the three major airline alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam), by individual airlines and occasionally by third-party agencies.
You can create your own around the world fare with the Star Alliance Booking Tool
A Visit South America Pass enables you to visit the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

You can visit vibrant cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, experience the spectacular Andes Mountains or travel to Easter Island, the Galapagos or the exotic Amazonian region in the north of the continent.

Sky Team Pass simplifies global travel

Ever dream of traveling around the world or exploring a continent in depth? Whether it’s for business or personal adventure, you now have a smarter, more economical way to go places. With SkyTeam Travel Passes, you can take advantage of our global network of 20 member airlines and enjoy more flexibility and savings during your travels

I also heard the buzz that Air Asia is going to be offering an air pass going on sale Jan. 15th that will be good for 30 days of travel for an amazing price of $155 USD.

Give the gift of mileage to friends or your children

Most programs will allow you to give your miles to someone else. If you would like to save them all up and give them to your child or parent, they will allow you to purchase tickets for them using your miles, or you can transfer miles to their accounts. Also you can buy miles (up to a certain amount each year), to make up the difference in a ticket, if you are a few short. Some times this is a great deal. Hyatt hotels currently has a points plus cash program, which allows you to pay points plus cash. For instance, to stay at a top level tier 6 hotel that averages $500 a night, it would only cost you 12,500 points and $150.00 cash. The possibilities are endless.

9) Eurail Global Pass
The only Eurail pass giving you over 20 European countries.
Here’s what you get:
  • This rail pass gives you unlimited travel on the national rail networks of: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland (includes Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.
  • The continuous pass is available for 15 days, 21 days, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months.
  • The flexipass is available for 10 or 15 days of travel within a 2 month period
10) And for the most discerning traveler an Around The World Cruise would top the list!

A world cruise is right up there in terms of ultimate travel experiences. You wake up each day in a new place, see “bucket list” attractions (including UNESCO World Heritage sites), and enjoy constant sea views.

Over the course of several months you visit dozens of ports with time to explore, including overnight stays in key places.

Prices start at $11,724 for a 103 to 135 day world cruise on Cunard and can go up to as high as $58,000 on the ultra luxury Silver Seas line for a 115 day sail.

Cunard first pioneered the world cruise in 1922 and has been offering these epic adventures ever since. Your world cruise aboard an iconic Cunard Queen ship will visit ports of call across 4 continents including North and Central America, the Panama Canal, Pacific Isles, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Suez Canal and the Mediterranean

You can see a list of upcoming 2015/2016 upcoming cruises here:

So the Christmas countdown is on. Has your world traveler been naughty or nice this year?

(I am in no way affiliated with any of these products, they are just on my own ultimate wish list. Hint, hint….)


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