Coming up on living in Tanzania 1 year as a Hotel General Manager and more

imgp5849It has been 10 months since I last blogged. Oh my, this is why I could never make it as a professional blogger. LOL! The days and months just seem to roll into one when you are busy managing a hotel. I had a week to settle in and then hit the ground running. It was non stop for 6 moths, and then I moved into reservations and marketing and have been working from home. It may sound nice, but I have literally been working my ass off. Managing a luxury boutique hotel where customers pay $400 a night takes a lot of care, and ass kissing, leaving me exhausted. Long days and electricity shortages, can make you go off line for days on end.  And then moving into managing the marketing and reservations for 8 hotels here in Zanzibar is no small feat. Not to mention transferring all of the manual reservations (8,000 of them) to a new cloud based system which took a month working 14 hour days, makes me wonder sometime what I got myself into. But I am back in blog land and things have semi slowed down. I hope to be able to share and write more about my crazy and sometime ludicrous foray into managing a hotel with a staff of 30 Tanzanians 5 KM off the most beaten road you have ever driven on, where there is a water shortage in the village, and guests are paying $400 a night for “off the beaten path” luxury which apparently is a new thing. But oh that beach and water is calling.  Stay tuned for more to come….imgp6334


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